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Old Comments:

2010-02-04 13:23:33
I've had the same problem, I have a new HP, and it will freeze up and crash my computer. I then get a message saying there is a trojan trying to attack my computer. It is so sad.
2010-02-04 08:03:41
I had a lot of problems (viruses, trojan...) over a year ago with Pixdaus; a computer technician cleaned my computer - I quit Pixdaus for a while - no more problem. After I returned to Pixdaus, I started again with problems. Again, I had a technician clean up. My security told me that Pixdaus is known as a problem site.
2010-02-04 05:58:24
This is not happening only at Pixdaus. Iīve got the same message today trying to open Trek Earth and BBC news site. Got me thinking if it was a problem with the sites really or my computer. Now I can see itīs not just with me...but sth must be going on around Ithe nternet, didnīt get that message here though.