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Old Comments:

2009-09-06 05:35:47
Great photo. But this is actually Congress Ave in Austin Tx, not Houston. The tall building in the background is the Frost Bank Building. Just a FYI.
2009-05-06 10:39:36
Riiiight..that's Austin, Baby..home to more different kinds of good music on any given night than anywhere in North America between the left coast and the right coast, Nashville, Memphis, N'yawlins and Saint Louie's the Capital of Cool and has been for a century.
2009-05-06 10:27:49
Yes, this is short from South Congress in Austin (so-called SOCO), a funky, hip neighborhood.
2008-01-28 23:43:43
Actually, Congress Avenue, and the State Capitol building of Texas at the end of the street here, is in Austin, not Houston. Otherwise, cool picture. :)