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Old Comments:

2011-05-02 13:08:48
Erratum Please, replace “in China living Hani People’s long street banquet”, by “in China living Hani People with their long street banquets”, True to tradition, mistake due to construction change and ….. Bye …
2011-05-02 12:50:13
Could not publish the comment earlier because of personal reasons on the one hand and upload problems on the other hand. In the meantime the text has completely been changed, new isn’t necessarily better, but there is better and worse in life. So keep you straight. This joyful Burgundian scene seems to be escaped from a painting of the Belgian artist (1525 – 1569) Pieter Bruegel the Elder, also known as “Peasant Bruegel”. It isn’t, but it is well a good occasion to discover and explore for yourself the wonderfull world of this Flemish master… It also looks like the in China living Hani People’s long street banquet, a tradition which take part each year in October, to celebrate something and someones that you can read elsewhere on internet. But what is it then well ? Well, I also would like to know it. Anyway, you do know something more now !! And so it will perhaps stimulate you enough to … Bye …
2011-05-02 08:56:11