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Old Comments:

2011-03-10 16:11:08
Still wondering - is it a lookout tower, a water tower or just a folly of some kind? Anyone recognise it?
2011-03-08 05:32:31
Funny ! But DF's comment looks to me as if someone is posting messages they hope will be attributed to Patito. If that's true they need to spend a bit more time studying English grammar. :)
2011-03-07 14:49:20
What an unseemly fuss! I would simply like to know where this interesting tower is.
2011-03-07 08:20:20
Don't worry Doctor Feelgood they are only threatening a law suite - not a law suit. This means they will be taken to go to a special suite at the Ramada Inn and forced to watch old reruns of Perry Mason and Matlock...:P
2011-03-07 07:47:33
Steal? Does this picture disappear from your site? Why don't you go and fuck yourself you low life cock sucking troll! And have a nice day! : )
2011-03-07 05:17:55
you stole this image!!! take it down now or face a law suite