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Old Comments:

2010-02-16 02:30:53
I also found this fascinating site about Interaxon which is based in Toronto about a new technology that can use your thoughts or brainwaves to control lights and more- more about that here - -
2010-02-16 02:21:43
Interesting - I looked it up - Its called Vectorial Elevation and there are even videos of it on youtube - This article from the Vancouver Sun explains all about it -
2010-02-15 17:43:46
Thanks both of you for your feedback. The photo, in one piece, is really beautiful. You can check it on the website indicated. For the other one, I made it look it would have a different mood - more somber. Lots of excitement in Vancouver. There is free entertainment all day and night everywhere...great bands, etc. Also, there are weird lights dancing in the sky over Vancouver every night. We can contact them via the internet, select/design a pattern, and they advise us via e-mail as to when they will use them. There are at least two main streets open to the crowd (no cars) - Robson and Granville Street. Tonight, they had lights of different colours all over the sidewalk and street. It was weird walking on it. Canada won gold today - moguls ;-) ;-)
2010-02-15 16:27:27
I agree this one is much better
2010-02-15 16:06:04
I like this one better, Connie, it seems livelier somehow and the sight lines lead to the tall building, beneath the shafts of light, more directly.
2010-02-15 08:32:07
I like the photo but it was too big to upload, so I made it into two photos...chop chop ;-)