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Posted By:Artman

Old Comments:

2008-11-01 11:25:40
i just realized that if you had a third set of people in the car with the POV camera (triplets, anyone?), that camera operator could pan past the people in the car with the POV camera as they mimic the moves of the people in the cars ahead and behind them. that attention to detail would really put the video over the top.
2008-11-01 11:18:57
i live thousands of miles away from the eye, so i could never do this myself, but three people or more (someone with a few sets of identical twins for friends would be perfect) could make a very surprising 'mystery gif' using the london eye location. [paragraph] here's how: start out filming from the perspective of this shot (the POV camera), and have the first (half of your) twin(s) occupying the position in this picture of the person in the red shirt in this image, that person turns around and we see that this person has a video camera which s/he then points up to focus on the POV camera in the car behind. as the cars move around the wheel and the perspective changes, the POV camera focuses on the building in front, then the POV cameraman (or woman) turns around and points the camera at the car coming around the wheel behind, which contains the other (group of) similarly clothed and equipped twin(s), one of whom has a video camera; the twin with the camera in the trailing car is filming the car in front of it and the building we see in this image from the perspective the POV camera has just left. Then process the video and set the gif to loop, and post it here!!! if the person that did this has more than one set of twins for friends, and everyone is careful to occupy the same spots and make the same moves as their counterparts, this could be a very effective and confusing movie to make.