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Old Comments:

2009-02-21 22:54:03
The colours are absobluminglutely glorious in this picture, Skip!
2009-02-21 11:51:09
I meant someone at pixdaus fixed it,,, not that I had my mommy do it!!! ha ha
2009-02-21 11:50:20
Thanks cohise, I agree, I really like the green color in this one, it's just hard to get the names straight sometimes, actually I should have got it right, because I posted another pic with the same location recently, but someone fixed the tag for me that time.
2009-02-21 11:44:20
Thanks for the explanation, Skip, because I thought it was Lochlomond. Otherwise a very beautiful picture (on itself, a lot of living colors who match together, composition, etc).
2009-02-21 10:50:50
Sorry it's Lochlomond, not Lochlomand, but sometimes pixdaus fixes it for me.