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Old Comments:

2010-10-13 08:31:14
cowside beck
2009-05-26 04:18:50
They're there..; You have to look closely to see them. But the dark line's along side the river and scaling the hillside are stonewalls. They're everywhere in the Dales of Yorkshire. ;) Didn't know if you were serious or joking. Regards, Jack
2009-05-18 08:12:27
Great pics landscape......
2009-05-18 07:00:45
Where are the stones?
2009-05-18 06:13:57
Thanks, his nic is bingleyman2. He has an obsession with those stone walls in the Dale's of Yorkshire. But he does photograph other things.
2009-05-18 06:03:05
That's beautiful! I could have used it for my "meandering" series. The photo "Road of Flowers" is different and lovely.