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Old Comments:

2013-04-03 08:32:24
My new comments, added just moments ago on 3 April, have ended up as "old comments". I have no idea why or how, so I am certain that these comments will also turn up as "old comments". Everybody else seems to get their comments uploaded in better fashion with these little photos. My photo has just disappeared. Probably Facebook has something to do with this. I am not a Facebook member and never will be!
2013-04-03 08:20:19
This photo was taken, apparentlly, by Sherran Andersenn, who would own the copyright as the photographer. The photograph was taken by me from a Korean website, on 7/30/2012 that did credit the photo to Ms Andersenn but then stated explicitly that the photo had been given a Korean Creative Commons status. With the Korean Creative Commons status anyone is welcome to use the photo for noncommercial purposes. Uploading a photo to Pixdaus is certainly a noncommercial activity. You yourself, Ms Gordon, state that the photo was meant for a photography contest but then state that it was meant to be kept private. These two positions are of course entirely incompatable.