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Old Comments:

2010-11-20 15:45:53
OMG! so adorable so cute
2009-04-14 00:55:00
Hard to say for sure but this looks like a Miniature Tibetan Hedgehog...their natural habitat is bamboo thickets along the margins of wheat fields and rice paddies, and although endangered in the wild they are now raised in captivity, providing a source of much-needed revenue for impoverished Tibetan farmers who sell them to tourists. It isn't hard to smuggle them into most countries if they're packed in a toilet kit....customs agents usually mistake them for clothes brushes.
2009-04-14 00:09:00
what kind of hedgehog is that? where does it come from?
2008-08-20 05:57:28
I was wrong again! (see the dog/fawn comment)
2008-08-13 09:23:58
man that's the cutest thing ever