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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2010-03-25 04:59:09
Thanks skip
2010-03-25 04:33:24
Now that's painting a picture with words, Portugal is definitely on my dream list now :)
2010-03-25 04:10:38
Your comments have motivated me to sing further praise of Portugal ;-) According to my old passport, I was there in June 1982 for a month, not in the late 1970s (old age setting in). Portugal is a small, fabulously scenic country, with a great maritime history. Portuguese ships and navigators were once among the best in the world. The country resounds with names such as Henry the Navigator, Dias and Vasco da Gama. It had a rich and golden era of navigation and exploration. The people are proud, generous and friendly. I was invited to share their food, dance and celebrate with them. I travelled the highways, roads and lanes of that wonderful country, using every mode of transportation available. I hiked the beautiful and lush Arrabida and Monchique hills and walked the cobbled streets and twisted alleys in the cities; I wondered the seashores for hours. I spent two weeks exploring the ancient city of Lisbon and the Lisbon Coast. Many late hours were spent listening to Portugal’s folk songs, known as ‘fado’ (fate). The songs were haunting; they spoke of sadness, misfortune, and lost love. Yet, they could turn quickly to laughter. In the warm evenings, I would sit in the square listening to the intoxicating beat and sound of the Angolans’ steel drums in the old part of Lisbon – the almost medieval Alfama district. The Lisbon coastline varies fro rocky coasts with rough surf to placid beaches. On the other side, were gentle green mountains and villages. The coastline was a riot of flowers, with bougainvilleas draped everywhere. Later, my next two weeks in the maritime province of the Algarve ;-)
2010-03-25 03:03:20
I was just about to comment on that too jujuba, that was a really nice description connie, and after looking at those photo's the other night I know you were lucky to see these places in person. If anyones interested you can put the photographers name in the search on flickr, there's a lot more like this one.
2010-03-25 02:33:04
Sounds lovely Connie :-)
2010-03-24 16:22:57
When I was in Portugal in the 1970s, I explored Lisbon and the Lisbon Coast (Arrabida, Estoril, Cascais, Sintra), for a couple of weeks (next two weeks were in the Algarve). It was short train rides from Lisbon (my base), so I did day trips. That whole area is lush and very beautiful. The Portugese nobility used to spend their summers in Sintra. There were old noble houses scattered throughout the forested hills. Lord Byron called Sintra a "glorious Eden".
2010-03-24 13:21:27
I know it was a first for me also, the photographer, Andre Pipa, has so many beautiful shots of Portugal, I must have looked at his photo's for hours last night :)
2010-03-24 13:14:26
This is so cool, had never seen anything like this...