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Old Comments:

2010-03-05 13:16:00
Thanks for the update, Bearnaise! I'd been wondering what had happened to you and your family...
2010-03-03 13:00:01
2010-03-03 12:41:40
Hello, People. It's been awhile, and there's been a lot of water down the old trout stream. This is our boy, Beartholemew, at his swearing in ceremony last week to become a Royal Canadian Bear Ranger. He finished at U Cal Berkley at mid-term with a major in Ursine Studies ( like his dad !) and was immediately offered an internship , which of course we're hoping will lead to a permanent position. After he dropped out and became a muscian Matilda and I had some misgivings. We were glad he'd found something he could put his heart into, and an outlet for his creativity, but let's face it..being a rock musician isn't exactly a career path with a secure future. So when he decided to go back to school we were, naturally, relieved. And he still plays his guitar at least a couple of hours a day, but his interests have changed. He has an old acoustic Gibson now and he mostly plays Bluegrass, and some Celtic stuff. He'll report to the Bear Service Station Office at Churchill in mid-April, and he's real excited about it. More later, regards, Bearnaise