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Old Comments:

2011-01-01 14:25:18
According to this link Gabrielle, these bees CAN sting, but I don't think they are as dangerous as the honeybee sting is. They usually frequent around Brisbane and Papua New Guinea and other places near there so that would explain why I haven't seen them here in Melbourne. Perhaps they are not agreeable to our climate here. Thanks again, Gabrielle... :)
2011-01-01 14:20:29
Many thanks, Gabrielle. That's very interesting info about these bees. I've never seen them where I live, only the normal everyday bee. I must keep a lookout and see if I can spot any around Melbourne. All the best for 2011, Gabrielle... :)
2011-01-01 14:17:15
These are great little bees, very important pollinators. In certain lights the banding is a bright electric blue. They do not sting and do not live in hives. We have quite a few in our garden.