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Old Comments:

2010-12-14 14:22:44
When I asked if you were in the reserve or regular, I meant the US, not Canadian.
2010-12-14 14:20:38
You are referring to the HMCS Esquimalt, which is sort of a suburb of Victoria. I was a Wren in the Naval Reserve when I lived in one of the Canadian Prairie provinces...which is landlocked ;-) While with them I learned target shooting and radar. I already knew how to handle a rifle... going with my brother hunting for jackrabbits. Anyways, I quit when I moved to B.C. Coincidently, the Commander of the HMCS Discovery (on Denmal Island in Stanley Park, Vancouver) Naval Reserve worked in the same federal department. He was forever trying to get me to re-enlist. Everytime naval ships from different parts of the world came in, he hosted an evening for their officers there. I was always invited, and he encouraged me to bring girlfriends along. He would have a Naval car pick us up at my place...our very own chauffeur. It was a lot of fun. My favourite time was when the Jeanne d'Arc came in from France. I met a cute officer. Anyways, for a long time while dancing and sitting down chatting, I pretended I could not speak or understand French. After a long while, feeling pity with his struggling English, I told him I was perfectly bilingual. He just laughed, and the next day took me on a tour of the Jeanne d'Arc - a helicopter cruiser. Were you in the Naval Reserve or a regular? Esquimalt is sort of a suburb of Victoria - our provincial capital on Vancouver Island. You must see Buchart Gardens at night; itt looks totally different, and the fountain continuously changes colour. I used to go on federal government business to Victoria sometimes. I would take the helijet (helicopter with a jet engine) owned by a French company (the pilots were gorgeous). I made sure I sat right behind them, even if it meant pushing those pesky provincial politicians out of my way. It flies very low and very you can see all the littles islands and houses on the way. My employer had to pay more for the helijet, but I did not want to get on the floater planes; they made me a bit seasick. I ever you come to British Columbia, just contact Chris at Pixdaus for permission to give my email to you. Then he can contact me etc. We can meet and visit for a while.
2010-12-14 07:45:21
Connie I just found this question that you had asked me a week ago. Sorry that I did not find it sooner. Yes I went to the BUTCHART GARDENS TWICE IN 1965. I attended a Canadian Navy School at that time. It was in a little city called Esquimalt. While there I meet a very lovely lady. She took me there and then we went back again in the summer of the same year.It is a wonderful place to see. I would love to go back after all these years to see how much it has changed. Plan on spending the day as it will take all day to see it all..
2010-12-07 05:02:13
You've been to Butchart Gardens COY?
2010-12-07 01:50:53
patito you are so funny. You very often make my day.
2010-12-06 23:50:55
Geting old is nod a verry good ekscuse for speling erors. You just ned to be alart and pay morr atenton to wat you'r doing !
2010-12-06 23:44:11
Yes connie, you are correct. I have been ther twice and still I did not spell it correctly. Getting old, I guess.
2010-12-06 11:37:57
Lovely COY - but it's Butchart Gardens, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia ;-)