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Old Comments:

2011-04-23 07:27:37
Pictures of Lily made my life so wonderful Pictures of Lily helped me sleep at night Pitcures of Lily solved my childhood problems Pictures of Lily helped me feel alright
2009-02-26 02:08:55
You tell 'em judge :)
2009-02-26 01:57:17
I note you have just shot out of the grave to post that comment Judge Roy Bean, yer honour!!! Bless yer soul. What is the world like now compared to then?
2009-02-26 01:48:51
LOL x 10.
2009-02-26 01:04:04
Listen here, ya' sorry little down-votin' varmits..this here is Miss Lilly Langtry, the Jersey Lilly, and a personal friend of mine..and I do mean personal..She's the purtiest little songbird that ever crooned a tune, and you miserable little skunks better stay back east cause if I ever catch ya'll out here west of the Pecos I'll have my boys string ya' up quicker'n a bug fart !