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2010-06-24 20:25:21
Go soak your head, Beau.
2010-06-24 14:33:45
This photo looks fake, wrong lighting on ribcage of dog - and looks pasted anyhow
2010-06-23 03:58:35
Great find, MattGloss! Fits the picture perfectly. Thanks!
2010-06-23 02:26:52
Just as I used to say love comes harder to the aged because they've been running on the same old rails too long and then when the sly switch comes along they miss the turn and burn up the wrong rail while the gay caboose goes flying and the steamengine driver don't recognize them new electric horns and the aged run out on the rusty spur which winds up in the dead grass where the rusty tin cans and bedsprings and old razor blades and moldy mattresses lie and the rail breaks off dead right there, though the ties go on awhile and the aged say to themselves, Well, this must be the place we were suposed to lie down. And they do. while the bright saloon careens along away on a high hilltop, the windows full of bluesky and lovers with flowers their long hair streaming and all of them laughing and waving and whispering to each other and looking out and wondering what that graveyard where the rails ends is. Lawrence Ferlinghetti