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Old Comments:

2010-03-09 09:48:08
Why vote down something that has been posted before - to many of us it is new, not seen before and is a very happy pic.
2010-03-09 07:35:43
Gabrielle I agree with you 100%.. No negative voting. It can only allow some people to do bad things.
2010-03-08 13:57:42
I like it too, don't understand the negative voting. I don't think there should be any minus votes - just leave poor ones alone and they will fade away.
2010-03-08 06:47:58
Thanks fbo - Maybe some folks think it has already been posted before. I did a search under the caption 'Liberte libre' and under the photographer's name and under 'sunflowers'. Nothing came, who knows ;-)
2010-03-08 05:09:14
Happy girl in a field - Why is this getting - votes? Its nice