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Old Comments:

2010-09-04 13:26:36
Its the story of africa ....riff raff high on drugs and the power that goes with the little pistols they hold long as the victim is weak and preferably unarmed, these "brave warriors" in their varied uniforms will go about their pillage, rape and murder. Their "leaders" share forums with the rich and powerful of Europe...their ex-leaders invariably have their millions "frozen" in the west and will be either dead..on trial or on the run. Wonder who profits from the "frozen" billions held in the west.....AND wonder again if these weapons are made in Africa ..and if they were plucked off the weapons tree. I rest my case sad and helpless .we live in a a world with bankrupt Morality .
2009-04-21 21:42:46
Tinkerbell Terminator
2009-03-18 00:34:53
Have you seen a butterfly flutterby?
2008-01-15 06:39:46
Pretty accurate, buncha thug fairies. Perhaps if they came out of the closet they wouldn't feel a need to massacre each other /sarcasm.