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Old Comments:

2008-09-02 19:44:08
Which other photo? If a moderator holds it opportune, he can clear me the votes of all the photos, for me is the same thing. Rather I prefer that this happens if it were possible. The votes are not important, I want only to share with you all the images that have given me some emotions Thanks for the wishes
2008-09-02 19:21:34
Congrats to your birthday!!! But with your other pics it was the same...
2008-09-02 19:12:02
I have given the link of pixadus to some friends on a forum to visit it this morning, it is my birthday, it is possible that is granted for voting, because I am really so many votes. If they have been their, now I go them to scold. :D I am sorry I don't speak English, I don't know if it is comprehensible what I write
2008-09-02 18:50:53
so many votes in so short time? you cheating!