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Old Comments:

2010-05-14 09:50:36
No worries, Coy. The small pic of that scene is at 0 now. It should really be taken off the site as it was a mistake to post that small one there....
2010-05-14 02:25:28
yes Mary, it was the small Autumn one. I knew it was a duplicate of the large one...
2010-05-13 23:47:41
Many thanks, Coy. Glad that you liked the pics I posted. I'm sorry that one of them wasn't to your liking though. Many thanks for the votes as well. I appreciate that. Was the one you didn't vote on, the small autumn one ? If so, that's not supposed to be there. The bigger version of that pic was the one I meant to post which I did in the end. Have a great day, Coy.. :)
2010-05-13 23:32:49
Mary, you have posted some pretty pictures today. All but one got my plus three votes. I particularly like this still. It has a good message to it.
2010-05-13 13:51:19