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Posted By:No Name

Old Comments:

2008-04-11 09:28:22
This animal is from Amazonas, Brazil. I think it`'s a leopard of some kind, i might have read it
2008-04-11 04:28:01
Mac sucks, Linux ruleZZ (Vista is not worth to mention XD)
2008-04-11 01:21:19
Pretty sure you're right. The face and spots don't match with either ocelots or African wildcats.
2008-04-11 01:11:21
It's a parapeligic waterbuffalo
2008-04-10 22:14:08
It's a retarded siberian tiger.
2008-04-10 21:48:34
Isn't this a clouded leopard?
2008-04-10 21:38:47
It's a Bengal. African wildcat.
2008-04-10 14:13:24
Perhaps ocelot?
2008-04-10 13:48:00
I don't think this is leopard, although I am not sure what kind of wildcat it is.