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Posted By:pirizoe

Old Comments:

2009-12-10 17:18:19
If I may add..... Leopards bite the throat/neck of their prey, while the larger, stronger Jaguar bites the neck vertebrae (ie: spinal column) or, in the case of smaller prey items, the SKULL. OUCH!
2008-03-01 16:34:54
Thank you, Michael. :)
2008-03-01 16:31:36
Jaguars have different spots and a different build. They've got the larger rosettes on their torsos with spots in the middle (as in this picture) and more prominent muscles in their shoulders and jaws. And bigger feet. And they're about the most awesome thing EVER.
2008-03-01 16:03:02
How can you recognise which is a leopard and which is a jaguar? They look so similar to me.
2008-03-01 14:23:54
-1 The description is wrong. It's a jaguar.
2008-03-01 12:54:12
I hate pictures from animals in zoos. You can't really see the zoo in the background, but when you look at the leopard its obvious that he is a zoo leopard. That's something you can observe in a lot of animal pictures. They're kind of sad...