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Old Comments:

2011-06-08 16:42:42
Fuck you too, little asshole! If YOU are smart you will stop your many, many reposts. Your reposts aren't rare. It is clearly above average and very annoying. Perhaps you are not intelligent enough to do a correct research. : )
2011-06-08 16:24:55
I could write various things, the usual things: apologize; write that my repost are rare; write that SMS doesn't indicate the author, I did it, and so was not from my research (it's not said that I should see all the photos posted previously for uploading) .. no no, I'll not write it, just a acronym: FY if you are smart you will understand what it means
2011-06-08 16:08:04
You really don't care Ademir, do you? This was already posted TODAY by SMS. You are the all-time duplicator!
2011-06-08 16:03:52
Jesus! You are the greatest reposter in the face of the Lord!