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Posted By:Unknown

Old Comments:

2011-11-15 08:49:40
A person can post some interesting, different, unusual pictures of nature you dumb ass. Anyways, Pixdaus is not intended to be solely a nature photo site since it has a +18 section. If you don't like to read comments that don't suit you, don't read them or better yet get your fat ass out of Pixdaus
2011-11-15 08:44:34
I agree. Anyone who posts unusual or just different types of pictures get quickly voted down.
2011-11-15 08:20:38
If you are bored by photos of squirrels, birds, cats, dogs, flowers, mountains, etc.; the the solution is simple for you, just spend your time on some other Internet Site. Nature photos are what Pixdaus is intended for. What I object to are pages upon pages of photos of pie, hot dogs, breakfasts, ice cream, etc. that apparently only a single user here is interested in.
2011-11-15 05:56:14
Yes..Pixdaus has become boring. The same crap over and over...but funny stuff, interesting pics, are quickly voted down. Unless the downvoting is somehow curtailed or eliminated, Pixdaus is doomed to mediocrity.
2011-11-15 04:22:29
and that's not taking into account that most pics uploaded are very amateurish photography and very very boring subjects, with pages and pages of squirrels, birds, cats, dogs, flowers, mountains ad nauseum. Look at the last 100 pics uploaded and then tell me you're not bored scrolling through that.
2011-11-15 04:16:16
One pic is ok, but on most days the majority of uploads are reposts
2011-11-15 03:17:45
I'd think that truly intelligent people would have enough sense to just scroll on past the pics they've seen before without making a fuss ....but maybe not.
2011-11-15 02:22:22
Studies have shown that intelligent and interesting people are easily bored. The others don't mind seeing the same stuff over and over - that way their brains are not taxed.
2011-11-14 23:25:56
Boring people are easily bored.
2011-11-14 22:10:52
no catastrophe, just a bore
2011-11-14 20:28:34
What a national catastrophe. Od dear, oh dear. The sky is falling.
2011-11-14 20:20:42
This pic has been on pixdaus a few times