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Posted By:LILLY

Old Comments:

2008-09-16 02:28:00
Spelling is "leap" as in "to jump". Hence, leap frog, leap year, etc. Also, it's "in our *midst*" not "mitts" unless you are saying (colloquially) that they (the troll) are in your/our grasp. And, yes - they soil what is normally a peaceful and pleasant discourse on this site. Too bad they are not literally in our mitts - it would be an interesting experiment to start squeezing their little pin-head until what little was in there popped out.
2008-09-15 01:27:01
Your'e beautiful lilly!! I couldn't have said it better!! I hold myself back sometimes just cause I don't feel like playing around with juvenille's but I'm glad you tell it like it is lilly!!
2008-09-14 23:27:43
Hay skip , Just taking a break . Life issues , boring but take up allot of time . It's been in the high 70's here , excellent days knee tanning weather ... Would love to have a drink & all the fun that goes along with it !!! What a hoot we'd have !!! AND I ALSO SEE WE HAVE ANOTHER STUPID A$$ TROLL IN OUR MITTS ...Why they have to spend their time acting like a 10 year old , must not have much of a life if all he/ she has to do , is try to mess with with a comment , If ((( YOU ))) TROLL are an adult , you really need to get some help , because your a small little person with $hit for brains !!! !!!
2008-09-14 22:39:27
What does "leep" mean?
2008-09-14 13:21:10
your vocabulary is so limited troll, so why bother imitating people like just sayin or 7's or even me, instead of being jelous of other people why don't you get a life of your own!!!!
2008-09-14 13:04:42
Oh... and lilly... UUUUUUUUuuuuuunnnnnnnfffff!! EEEEyyyyyuuuuuuunnnnnnnffff!!! *gasp* *grunt* *pant* uuuuuuuUUUUUUUnnnNNNnNFFFFF! UNT!.... unt!.... oooooooonnnnt! *gurgle* *slaver* UUUUNNNNFFFF! you whore!
2008-09-14 13:03:06
good pic lilly!! where have you been? I missed you!!! how's it going on the coast? It's a rainy night in michigan, I wish we weren't stuck in this virtual world, I'd invite you over for a drink or snack,it's always fun to talk with you lilly, keep up the good pic's!!