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Old Comments:

2010-08-09 01:47:51
Many thanks for the feedback, Eddie. I do appreciate it very much that you took the time to answer and explain what is going on with this photo. Take care and I hope your day is going well... :-)
2010-08-09 01:16:56
PictureGirl, there is nothing wrong with your picture. The problem with some of the over-sized pictures is that when they are reduced to fit the Pixdaus format they lose some of their sharpness. This looks fine if you look at the full-size image. Unfortunately, that is a feature only premiums members have access to.
2010-08-08 22:24:55
Just for interest's sake, would people be able to let me know why this photo is being downvoted ? I would just like to know what people think is wrong with it. I thought that this was a nice looking photo myself, but the votes say otherwise... :(
2010-08-08 15:41:43