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Old Comments:

2008-10-01 15:43:45
yea she is...and your pretty perceptive for a fuckwad idiot
2008-08-10 12:51:16
In heaven all I want is a beautiful woman and a cat.
2008-02-23 11:56:58
Fine wench. : )
2008-01-30 16:37:21
Just die, ok?
2008-01-30 16:35:38
Hey, Tommy. Is this supposed to be a joke? Or are you trying to give the impression of being a Hengst? Like... THE fucker? If this was not some kind of joke then I honestly believe you should be dissolved in acid while screaming.
2008-01-25 00:43:26
That is a fine fine fine hunk of chink
2008-01-17 10:58:51
she's effen gorgeous and a Taurus and Korean
2008-01-15 12:20:29
2008-01-15 11:03:46
I think this is a nice piece of meat , should be good for a days fuck
2008-01-06 19:48:43
yes I am homosexual and I am now , as you know well, wondering what is your point? Maybe you have some problem issue with me? I am sorry if that is true... maybe I should change. Make you happy?
2008-01-05 06:59:54
pretty hot for a chink
2008-01-02 18:06:41
inbreading is good now? There is no hybrid or mixed girl that is not hot. specially asian and latina hot! korean girls are aight but how can you say other girls are ugly? maybe you are gay?
2008-01-02 11:00:20
You do not understand well. She is Korean beauty woman, not Chinese. Chinese woman has the square face not the Korea woman. Korea woman most beautiful not Chinese. Korea woman benefit from 5.000 years of history and inbreeding I think so. Do not have ugly teeth like the Japan woman and square face like the China woman and can win the beauty contest I think so.
2008-01-02 08:23:12
Chinese girl with a nice pussy.
2008-01-01 00:21:56
Finally a good "cat" picture!
2007-12-31 15:25:01
hotness! how about some chinese girls here?