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Posted By:king moe

Old Comments:

2008-12-13 21:41:42
I served four years on active military duty when I was a youngster. My father and grandfathers served as well, and members of my family have fought in every war in this nation's history including the Revolution. I'm sick and tired of goddamn right-wing assholes who think you have some kind of fuckin' franchise on patriotism and love of country. You narrow-minded fascist bastards need to stop listening to Lush Rimjob read some history.
2008-12-13 13:18:50
Patriotism and heroism: two concepts completely foreign to the liberal mind, because liberalism is a mental disorder.
2008-04-09 11:48:52
True...a Soldier is a soldier, or Airman, Sailor, or Marine. But most would be surprised at how patriotic they are. Patriotism extends into every part of their lives, and their families lives. The threat to U.S. survival today is larger than it has ever been and those who cannot understand that will take us all down. The threat of the Caliphate is outside our front doors.
2008-01-23 13:19:18
Have you seen gas prices? And you think we're actually stealing oil? The war is actually being fought to drive oil prices up. This means big bucks for the bush and cheney crime families. As for fighting terrorism, we need to look at the nations which harbour and train terrorists. Libya, the Sudan, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Afghanistan, and even Saudi Arabia, where 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers came from. Before the towers even fell, the war on terrorism should have been fought with our idle 2 billion dollar a piece ballistic submarines and our camouflaged subterrainean grain elevators in Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, the Dakotas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. Instead, bush only has the onions to send his haliburton and blackwater USA mercenary cronies into Iraq to get stuffed on US tax dollars. He should be bankrolling it himself. To fight a conventional war against terrorism, the US simply is not prepared. Look at what it took to win WW2. And this stupid torture debate. Enemy combatants who may possess valuable intelligence should be interrogated by the Turkish army. You can't win a war by being nice.
2008-01-21 21:52:51
Oh cut the crap will you? A soldier is a soldier and he goes where ever he is ordered to go. Don't pull this patriotic BS about protecting US since it is pretty obvious there is no such a threat to US since the days of friggin' USSR. Soldiers life is what it is. Thumbs up to those in service, they do not make the political decisions, they step up as a side-effect of bad diplomacy.
2008-01-21 05:36:51
Until you have something worth standing up for, you will never understand! This soldier is SERVING so his family continues to be free! Anything to do with your thoughts or disputes of war, oil or muslims should be directed to the government. Once our country is threated by war on our homeland, someone has to defend it! I am most thankful for our soldiers. That don't mean I like war. But I am also it is not outside my front door where I would have no choice but to defend my family!
2008-01-21 01:14:02
Why is it an "anti-US" comment? isn't it rather a pacifistic comment against war? Well I wouldn't go to war, no matter what would force me there. And yeah, it's for oil... Jorgito is absoluteley right... Still: Sad and therefore nice picture (I mean it)
2008-01-19 20:57:56
Its tough to leave the ones you love. Hey jorgito, have you ever had to sacrifice for those you care about. Probably not. So until then piss off! The people who hate war the most are the ones who have to fight them. So don't hop onto this site and post little hate messages until you have manned a post! Ohh and have a nice day!
2008-01-19 13:02:45
I knew it wouldn't take long for an anti-U.S. comment to appear. thnx for proving me right.
2008-01-19 08:08:19
Why not stay in your home, soldier? Is more exiting going to kill muslims for stolen oil? Fuck cheap photo