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Old Comments:

2009-10-04 18:57:27
Missed one part of my response: “For over a year now you have made comments regarding a connection with Pixdaus.” (Connie) I have no ‘connnection’ with Pixdaus beyond what anyone could have if they cared to be interested in making Pixdaus a better – and fairer – place for all of us. I am an active person, and climb on the barricades on subjects that I feel strongly about, and if some of the things I have talked about with the Pixdaus people have resonated with them, then my efforts have not been in vain. Any and all of you could have travelled the same road as I have, but many people are satisfied by airing their complaints etc here in the comments rather than going to the trouble of writing to Pixdaus.
2009-10-04 18:48:27
"You and Patito have implied that you are able to delete comments and remove photos." I have never implied such a thing. "...the admin has given SOME OF US the ability to fight back..." I am not responsible for what Patito chooses to write. Ever since I first ‘landed’ in Pixdaus, I have known that there are ‘moderators’ among the users. Beyond that, I know nothing. – I have brought the matter of excessive and extremely disruptive troll action to the notice of the admin numerous times, and they appear to be acting at last… I say ‘appear’ because I have no idea who is doing what, and it is none of my business. Friendships have been forged here in our anonymous world. If some of us want to have closer contact with one another outside the constrictive Pixdaus walls, we don't see that as a threat to anyone, far less a ‘cabal’ or a ‘secretive group’. Anyone can come into the forum/thinktank (and yes, that idea came from Pixdaus), but it does not mean that those us who wish to have private conversations on subjects that we are interested in should be denied the opportunity to do so. We are just exercising our personal freedom to share ideas and to communicate with one another without any ulterior motives. – Try putting your own email address out there and see how unpleasant that can be – contact by friends is pleasurable but foes and trolls are another matter. I am done with this subject. The door to the forum remains open for a while longer.
2009-10-03 10:10:40
For over a year now you have made comments regarding a connection with Pixdaus. Did Pixdaus contact you regarding an open forum? You and Patito have implied that you are able to delete comments and remove photos. Actually on this page Patito said "...the admin has given SOME OF US (my emphasis) the ability to fight back..." Perhaps I misunderstood, but I think not. If the ability(ies) are not openly stated and names of the members are not given, then it is a secretive group, not an open forum to all. I'm not asking you to go through the third degree; I'm just asking some fair questions and expecting an honest response - that's simple enough.
2009-10-03 09:27:19
The forum idea came from Pixdaus admin and it is an open forum. There is nothing secretive about the group. The group members will not have or get any abilities or power to do anything, the members merely exchange views and ideas and suggestions that we can then pass onto the admin. It is wonderful that the admin is willing to listen to us, to know how we feel here at the bottom of the ladder. - Someone had to put a contact address here so that we can get the forum going, and I did it. - I am not going to go through the third degree with you or anyone else. This is a simple enough concept, and you can take it, or leave it, that's your choice.
2009-10-03 08:05:51
The last sentence is very clear and concise. I will not be registering a new e-mail address until my questions are answered....the ones posed to Patito regarding transparency. Either or both of you can respond. I'm concerned about folks, including myself, perceiving this as a formation of a cabal - a secretive group. The group would be given certain abilities that no one else would have (not everybody will want to to join) - not the trolls nor the folks who do not wish to join this group. It's human nature that the more power we have, the more potential for abuse. The stronger personalities in the group would be able to manipulate and influence the others - influence the votes - who can and cannot post photos or make comments - perhaps even be given the ability to vote up or down photos and comments multiple times. The most power will be in your hands as you will have all the e-mail addresses. You can then communicate with each person individually. Or, are you planning an open forum? I'm not suggesting that either you or the others would do those things, but the potential for abuse is certainly there. My opinion is not to have this group, unless it's quite clear what 'abilities' Pixdaus is giving the group and the name of all the members. A fair and democratic site would not have a secretive group. It has to not only be transparent, but it must be perceived as being transparent.
2009-10-03 06:05:19
Uh-oh...someone (huddle?) just breezed through here, downvoting the comments of connie, skip, patito and poppy. Well done, coward.
2009-10-03 06:00:15
I was not overreacting, Connie. If you meant 'responding' as opposed to 'butting in', why did you not use that verb? As I cannot hear you speak, nor can I see your tongue in your cheek all the way from Finland, I can only take the written words in their actual, literal meaning . ;-) - I don't ever hesitate to speak up either, which is why I have so many trolls after me, and I write under one name only, and that is poppy. - Care to elaborate on the last sentence of your 1st paragr.? It hints volumes but I don't like guessing games. How are you getting on with registering a new email address? We'd like to get serious about pooling our ideas and suggestions for improvements etc so that we can pass them to Pixdaus before they get fed up waiting and do what they think is best without taking us, the free labour, the busy beavers at the bottom of the pyramid, into account at all? My address is still the same:
2009-10-03 04:08:46
Huddle, my dear idiot, I'm Canadian, not American. Poppy is Finnish; Patito is Texan (that's not quite American). Anyways, I can't sound like Patito; he write Texan English; I write the Queen's English...and it's my second language...French being my mother tongue. Your English if fine, considering it's not your mother tongue. Arabs do not sound the same. They come from different countries, different cultures and speak different languages. What they have in common, like Europeans, is their religion. You said "the next one was Connie and Poppy". That comment had NOTHING to do with you; it had to do with Mary's comments.
2009-10-03 03:45:08
I wonder why you are overeacting to my using the word 'butting' in; we all do it. Like your explanation for why Mary used the work 'us', I say that many times people say "butting in" instead of "responding" ;-) You are assuming that I'm the only one who was annoyed. Unfortunately, there are a lot of folks on Pixdaus who are too afraid to give their opinion for fear of their photos being voted down. This is one of the main reason why there are so many trolls. Since I don't take votes seriously, I don't hesitate to speak up, and I am not afraid to use my name. You are very selective in whose defense you come to and who you criticize. As for talking to Mary on this page - I left her a comment re networking a while back. I was responding to Patito's remark - the one you quoted.
2009-10-02 23:20:13
Well, finally figured it out...only a great genius like you could have done fact, Connie, Poppy and I are all the same person..we're identical triplets, you see, and have been inseperable all our lives...we wear the same clothes, read the same books, listen to the same music, and share the same thoughts..our real names are Mary, Larry and Gary...congratulations on discovering our secret..we've fooled everyone else , but we couldn't fool you, you clever rascal !
2009-10-02 22:47:27
I don't know what's in your scanned brain. Must be air: "Just go back there and see who first came up with the insults between Patito and you? You did." No I didn't. The first insult came from patito (as usual) and than from "patito is a liar". The next one was Connie and POPPY! (What a surprise!) My first comment is number 14! "start causing trouble apropos nothing." NOTHING? patito is using other names to affirm himself! NOTHING? He offend other users with scatology! NOTHING? He upload troll pics! NOTHING? He delete pics! NOTHING? You think all this is NOTHING? "If you're on a crusade for logan, why don't you let him speak? He's lost his voice, all of a sudden?" If you are able to read AND understand just the first comment there you would see that Logan5 had leave Pixdaus (cause of YOU and patito!!!!) "You sound just like him." You sound like patito. Connie sounds like patito. So what? You all came from the U.S.? And you all sound the same! What a surprise! I know my english is not the best, it's not my mothertongue. Perhaps Logan5 isn't a native speaker too? All the Arabs here sound the same! One dumpy theorie after another! You sound like patito!
2009-10-02 21:20:28
Patito's 'weird behaviour' only exhibits itself when people like you crawl out of the woodwork and start causing trouble apropos nothing. This current kerfuffle began when logan declared that he is quitting because he does not want to post pics under patito/poppy dictatorship. Just go back there and see who first came up with the insults between Patito and you? You did. You're accusatory when other people use bad language while you yourself are more than proficient at it. If you're on a crusade for logan, why don't you let him speak? He's lost his voice, all of a sudden? - Have you been taking lessions from him in writing? You sound just like him. You called all of us 'brainless idiots'. For your information, I just had an MIR scan done on my head and my brains are exactly where they ought to be: inside my skull. :-)
2009-10-02 19:09:52
How funny to see how all of you try to explain patitos weird behaviour! The best thing was a quote from patito: "If you don't want your stuff removed, don't post personally insulting stuff." LOL! This is only true for others! Not for patito, or "Reposter" or "troll finder" etc. patito write so many personally insulting stuff he like. patito is able to vote pics up, or delete pics and so on... But he is no admin! Others would call it "misuse of power", but all of you claquers don't care! Here is ONE man who decides what is good or bad! And that's not an admin!!! That's dictatorship!! patito isn't the poor victim! patito is the malefactor! patitio is fighting against trolls? But HE upload troll pics (and vote them up), HE offended other users (even a SUSPICION from patito is sufficient!) and link them to sodomy!!! HE delete pictures and comments who "dare" to criticize him or show him up! patito is a fucking fascist! And all of you brainless idiots still applaud to him... And the (typical) childish theory that behind me, or "Burst" or "anticheating" or ALL OTHERS with a own or different opinion than the dictator stands only one person (Logan5) is the greatest brainsick shit I have ever heard! patito think he is infallible! "I bet..., I am sure..." etc.... Give us a PROOF, idiot or shut up! More than one who don't like what we do? "It cannot be what is not supposed to be." That has fascistic tendencies already! You don't make Pixdaus a better place you make it a phasing and empty playground!
2009-10-02 17:59:42
Zzanigifs: Patito does not go around attacking people, he merely reacts (sometimes strongly) to comments by trolls who write utter garbage that has no basis on facts, truth, or anything that could be called even remotely civil. I have greatly enjoyed most of your gifs, and it would be a shame if you left. Calm down, and reconsider. Patito is NOT the villain of the play that is going on here. Pixdaus admin is fully aware of the troll problem (without any assistance from any of us), and are acting on their own behalf to clean some of the garbage out. After all, this IS a business for them, and if the comment section is full of nothing but troll comments, it will drive viewers elsewhere. You have to see this from their point of view also.
2009-10-02 17:42:55
wow.... I have no desire to take control of anything. I was not 'butting in', I was doing exactly the same as you were doing: making a comment, giving an opinion, expressing my point of view. It's a free world, Connie, even here on Pixdaus, so do whatever you wish, I don't care, but allow me the same freedom without accusing me of 'butting in'. Thus far, the only person Mary seems to 'have annoyed' is you, Connie. We have trolls and other pests by the dozen that you could concern yourself with instead of Mary. In any case, why talk to Mary on a page where she is not present? Find one of her comments and talk to her there, personally. As Mary is NOT on this page, I am not butting in, I merely came to her defence as I felt that you were unfairly picking on her. Even Patito said above: "Mary is about as sweet and polite and inoffensive as any person who posts comments on this site.."
2009-10-02 16:55:17
I wondered how long it would take you to butt in. When thanking on behalf of 'us', she is speaking for us. If it happened only one or twice, it would be fine. But, she has repeatedly done that. You're saying she could be answering for the people in Australia? I wonder how the Aussis feel about that. Mary IS networking. Networking - training and counselling - has been part of my career for over 35 years. If I was training or counselling her, which I'm qualified to do, I would advice her to improve her networking skills to avoid annoying people.That is why her comments are getting voted down, and NOT because of the trolls. I will read any comments I wish. You have not YET taken control of Pixdaus.
2009-10-02 16:20:29
Connie, did you ever once think that Mary just happens to be an all-round nice, sweet person? That's the way I see her, and 'networking' has nothing to do with it. The negative votes on Mary's comments under the pic have nothing to do with Mary's comments and everything to do with the troll(s) attacking Patito and me. That was the troll's way of warning people not to be civil and - heaven forbid - friendly with us. As Mary was being friendly, she got attacked by the negative votes. Mary is not speaking "for the rest of US", she is speaking for herself; many times people say 'us' instead of 'I' in situations like that. Or, she could be meaning people in Australia, because that is where she comes from. We are besieged by trolls and other very nasty people, and when we get a gentle, nice person in our midst who is polite and complimentary and an all-round pleasant person, that's the person who gets mud thrown at her? - This is NOT like you at all, Connie, and I am mightily disappointed at you. If Mary is 'driving you bonkers', don't read her comments, as simple as that.
2009-10-02 15:53:02
I was not referring to zzanigifs, I don't know anything about zzanigifs, sorry for the confusion, and I'm not going to try and explain myself any further on here, because it is not easy to do without writing a book. I just hope that pixdaus will change the voting system.
2009-10-02 14:48:55
Patito - I've suspected, based on comments you and Poppy have made over time, that you both were communicating with Pixdaus, and seemed to have a connection with them. That is not a problem for me. I contacted them on one occasion to remove some vulgar comments on my page and under a photo, and they did. We all have the ability to contact them. I accept that some folks have found a way to vote for their photos and downvote other photos multiple times using various names. I don't know how, but I accept what you are all saying. For myself, I don't care; but I think the majority of posters do care and are upset by that. So, for that reason, I agree that something should be done. However, there is a need for transparency. My concern is what other abilities, if any, has Pixdaus given you and Poppy. Also, I think that we should be told who are the others who have that 'ability'. I am sure that all the honest posters and commentators on Pixdaus will be supportive, and even help. If it's not transparent, folks may become suspicious and mistrustful of each others. Mind you, that might be's cyberspace ;-)
2009-10-02 14:23:54
I always saw zzanigifs just as a person who posted some very good and some so so animations; I don't remember the posting of non-animated photos. I don't understand any of this. The top comment from Patito confuses me. Did zzanigifs complain and leave before? I don't remember that - could have been while I was on holidays. I'm not questioning you Skip, but how did you figure that he was downvoting your photos, Poppy's and Patito's? I can at times figure out when someone is using another name, based on their writing style (ex Logan5), but not who is voting down.
2009-10-02 14:07:27
Patito - Mary may be sweet, polite and inoffensive; but she's driving me bonkers with her networking. Mary - For the last 15 years of my career I worked in Human Resources. I often counselled employees on how to prepare resumes, prepare for their interviews and pros and cons of networking among others. You are too obvious, too transparent, too syrupy. Also, you continuously write "thank you for sharing.....with us". Don't speak for the rest of US; speak for yourself. Often, someone who has not yet posted photos on Pixdaus, will make comments...make their name be known, and there is nothing wrong with that. But, you take networking to the extreme. I've noticed that your comments are starting to get negative votes, and I'm not surprised; it was just a matter of time (not by me). We now know your name, so just start posting. I've got a feeling you'll upload some nice photos.
2009-10-02 12:41:31
I won't name the posters names he used in the past except one, anticheating, and the reason I won't name them is that he was quite popular here with people under the one nick, and I'm not here to put him down, but I'm speaking out because I agree he has caused a lot of trouble here. I've known him for a long time he downvotes my pics every time I post, some in my file that had over a hundred, end up with "zero" votes, each time that happened I kept quiet about it and told Pixdaus, I think it was because he has posted them before under one of his various nicks, he use to write repost on the tags of many of my pics, whether they were a repost or not, (but that's all been removed from the tags now) just so they would lose votes. The real ironic part is he posts some good pictures, but I think a long time ago he got fed up with artemis and others always cheating and became anticheating joined up with poppy to complain about artemis, but when poppy argued with him on different things he did as anticheating, she became the enemy and I think he believes we all vote his pics down, which is a joke since he spends so much time voting everyone down. Poppy and Patito have been hit the worst, but in poppy's case she has some others voting against her pics also. But this person, has been here a long time and recently got the ability to downvote several times through outside proxy votes. If anything good comes from all this it will be that everyone is only able to vote one time! the way it should have always been... There was a time when no matter what artemis posted it ended up as the top pic of the day...many of us witnessed it, and that may have started his anger, but many people who did not deserve his revenge also got hit by him, and I think all this competition over pics that are not even our own, is what started all this trouble.
2009-10-02 11:52:12
A few photos down from this one is one called 'Nature's Blanket'..posted by Poppy a few days ago...she and Mary were having a pleasant visit, talking about flowers and poetry and such..what happend ? Someone ( let's guess who) came along in the night like a sneak-thief and downvoted ALL those comments..minus 17, minus 20..and not just Poppy's, who has spoken her mind and isn't afraid to draw the lightning, but Mary's Mary is about as sweet and polite and inoffensive as any person who posts comments on this what did she do to deserve what she got ? She engaged in a pleasant conversation with does that happen ? are comments downvoted by such numbers ? Do 17 or 20 people read those comments and vote them down for some unknown reason ? No....there are people here who have numerous identities...each identity can vote on photos and /or comments...that's how certain peoples' photos and comments are voted into oblivion..and that's why the admin has given some of us the ability to fight back...and we do and we will continue to for as long as we have to...... I've been , among other things, a student of language and writing for over half a century...I can recognize a person's prose style if I have enough examples of it...I would bet my farm ( 50 acres ) that Burst and Huddle and zz-whatever his name is are the SAME PERSON using various identities, and they are ALL avatars of Logan, who has been here for years shifting from one name to another...consider yourself busted, creep.
2009-10-02 10:55:32
The irony of YOU of all people whining about being the 'victim' of downvoting is so overwhelming they can probably smell it in Tierra del Fuego.....aren't you gone yet ? And take Huddle and Burst and all the rest of yourselves with you.....good riddance !
2009-10-02 10:48:39
I have NEVER voted any of your pics down..If you don't want your stuff removed, don't post personally insulting stuff. I WILL NOT put up with any shit from you or any of your incarnations. Real simple. Maybe even YOU can understand that. By the way.... I thought you were leaving?
2009-10-02 10:44:40
People who say something AGAINST you will become victims! Like me! Or why did you remove some of my pics and vote them down before? You are not a victim, patito. You are the perpetrator!
2009-10-02 10:34:05
JS..whatever you do, don't say anything in my defense...your photos will become victims of the serial downvoting the wya mine, Poppy's and Connie's are...your comments, too...
2009-10-02 10:14:02
ZZ appears to be another one of Logan's avatars...I'm sorry to learn that, but am afraid it's true....his running cats was one of my favorites..but if they are not one and the same, they are cut from the same cloth....why can't people just post photos, make civil comments, and let the world go 'round ?
2009-10-02 10:11:42
Oh I understood only too well! patito told me that he is "a sort of" an admin here! That he has "friends in high places" at Pixdaus!! He gave my pic 20 votes at once! He removed pics or comments that don't suit him! But HE is someone who is offending and spitting on other users. He declared other users to "trolls" if they have not his opinion and than he offended these users as "goat fucker" and worse! He is insane! If a jerk like patito decided what happened on this site than it's time for me to go! Read this comment quickly, jack! Cause it won't suit to patito and then: delete!
2009-10-02 09:57:08
I get feeling you don't understand some things that are going on here zz. I wish you would reconsider. reagards, js
2009-10-02 09:38:33
I don't want to stay on a site where a "person" like you have a say!!
2009-10-02 09:34:53
Yeah, right...promises all the other times you left ?