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Old Comments:

2008-04-20 02:39:23
In my opinion the most important in this pic are the soft movements of the boy and the birds which are in harmony. But the woman's movements look quite unnatural. In spite of this, there's something impressive in this photo.
2008-04-20 02:18:06
I'm not a fan of the edited background. Maybe I'd like it better if there were pale hints of primary colors in the background to warm the color tone of the image slightly, but the black and white birds on top of the grayscale background doesn't do anything for me.
2008-04-19 20:26:18
I agree with you, Ludwig. I think without the woman this photo would be better.
2008-04-19 19:43:43
I'm not sure what it is that don't like about this image, maybe I feel like the image has not focal point, you eye dosen't know where to "rest". It looks "very" staged, but it's not artsy enough for that.