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Old Comments:

2008-08-11 06:48:36
piêkne, rozczula, pamiêtam swój "pierwszy raz", ³adne kolory i kadr
2008-01-08 00:46:22
When my daughter got a new bike for her 6th birthday, it came with training wheels. My idea was that she get used to riding it before taking them off. But one of the damn things kept getting loose and she kept falling to one side. I ended up just teaching her how to ride. She got it in less that 2 hours.
2008-01-05 11:45:52
kinda reminds me of the braces breaking off his legs in "Forrest Gump"
2008-01-05 11:38:41
great photo .. completely captures the feeling of freedom once those training wheels come off.
2008-01-05 08:40:19
Lost his t(h)read