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Old Comments:

2008-01-11 05:16:31
The word "araignee"threw us off and we thought it was arrange instead of arachnid
2008-01-11 01:00:21
Medicine Man The correct translation is "The kiss of the SpiderWoman"
2008-01-10 22:51:38
No she can't ;-)
2008-01-07 13:06:25
All I know is what my Wife told me, and she can speak fluent French
2008-01-01 00:27:32
Nope. The translation is: The kiss of the SpiderWoman
2007-12-31 06:24:13
According to my wife, it says "a kiss arranged for a woman."
2007-12-30 12:50:03
Luckily my wife is from Quebec City and speaks fluent French and could translate for me.
2007-12-29 19:41:51
Unfortunatly I don't know any details about it.
2007-12-29 16:59:00
Wish I knew the particulars about this picture. It truly is amazingly beautiful