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Old Comments:

2008-11-07 10:18:59
Wow -two poems -I'm honored Thank you
2008-11-07 10:02:16
Hay peachfizzy...It is a beautiful photo...Was in the poppy section ...
2008-11-07 10:00:00
Colors all around you , deep within your dreams ... may they always surround matter how life seems ... by lilly
2008-11-07 09:55:04
Thanks, Lilly, but this picture is Peachfizzy's. ;-)
2008-11-07 09:54:01
“Red swirls and dances all around / Yellow twists and tingles within / Pink sings to my heart without a sound / Green calms in waves that soar / lavender awakens my dreams / light blue leaves me in speechless splendour / Deep purple crowns the rest of the team” --- “Color Time” by Candy Transcends
2008-11-07 09:39:10
as always ... great photos poppy !!!