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Old Comments:

2010-11-03 23:58:35
It is simply impossible to be such a moronic dumbfuck as you are Connie!! Unbelievable!
2010-11-03 23:25:43
Excuse me...I'm still laughing....ho ho he he...Larry thinks he's Patito's worst nightmare...whooo ho he about an ego out of control..... from the looks of him the dude is probably his wife's worst nightmare...he haw he he ho ho...
2010-11-03 15:56:43
Aren't you also going to accuse me of being Patito? I feel left out ;-) I had seen that photo on your site and wondered if it was you. Is it, and are you cooking breakfast?
2010-11-03 15:50:14
Hello patito, this is really working you are getting really upset and of course it is you that is upvoting both the post and the previous comments! Liposuction Louie and LarryShelden = patito = patito's worst nightmare
2010-11-03 15:46:47
So, you went to Larry's Net site. Had you or others not gone there before?
2010-11-03 14:52:35
Wow..he really is a lard ass, isn't he !
2010-11-03 14:31:38
Yes, it's really me, folks !