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Old Comments:

2010-01-31 14:34:50
Jujuba - I am thankful that I have never been in in the midst of a major disaster - I remember when I was about 7 - The living room started to shake -I jumped up and wondered what that was - My Dad said it was and earthquake -It was the first one I had ever experienced -It was very small but I was terrified for weeks
2010-01-31 14:11:45
And that was a reply for Fuzzyīs comment... I guess this reply thing is not working properly, itīs getting misplaced :-|
2010-01-31 14:10:38
Be thankful youīve never been in one Fuzzy...I guess after youīve been to one or to an earthquake you donīt feel safe anywhere anymore...
2010-01-31 14:09:11
That was actually a reply to Connieīs second comment... I donīt know how I always manage to misplace them :-|
2010-01-31 14:08:02
You are right. But I wouldnīt say that watching a fire or a landslide or an earthquake is beautiful :P The last thing you want to do is 'watch' when you are around them :P For me, storm clouds and lightnings are fascinating though. I can just sit and watch them for hours. And we have plenty of them here all year round.
2010-01-30 12:00:05
That must have been really frightening Jujuba -Never been in a landslide but Ive seen fire and Ive seen rain -Ive seen sunny days I thought would never end...and that Sunshine on my shoulder made me happy
2010-01-30 10:41:11
I wanted to show with my uploads (theme on 'power of nature') the different types of natural disasters and strangely, the beauty of those disasters. Most folks would not want to admit it, but there is a beauty to the forces of nature when it unleashes its powers, and we are fascinated by them. I remember as a 13 year old, running to see a massive facility being completely destroyed by fire. It was frightening and yet awesome in its beauty. When I was about 10 years old living on a farm, my brother and I saw a meteor streak through the sky. We didn't know then what it was. I was scared, fascinated and awed. I have seen tornados, snow and ice storms...all amazing.
2010-01-30 10:32:26
What a frightening experience to go through jujuba...thank God indeed!! Vancouver has the potential for a massive earthquake. We, in the richer countries, can at least depend on our infrastructure, personnel (drs, nurses, military) and government to aid in rescue and so on. What is happening in Haiti is very frightening and very sad. Children and other folks are dying unnecessarily - not enough doctors for urgent care such as amputations, lack of water, food, hygiene, lack of organization, useless Haitian government, and so on. The after damage will be even worse. Apparently, there will be thousands and thousands of amputees; the only hospital in Haiti for limb replacements and prothesis was pretty well destroyed. Also, the psychological terror for these people, especially the children, will stay for a whole generation - like you experience the nightmares, etc.
2010-01-30 04:58:16
Oh by the way, 179 people died in four days of landslisdes in my town... P.S. - I did not mean to say that an earthquake isnīt horryfying, God no, look at what happened to Haiti. But if you are not in a big city, your chances of survival are good. If you are around a landslide, theyīre close to 0.
2010-01-30 04:52:14
This was a really big one! :-| Scary... You know, talking about or seeing landslides always gives me the bumps. By the end of 2008, my state had got non-stop rain for 4 months. E-v-e-r-y s-i-n-g-l-e day it would rain. On the weekend of my niece's birthday I was getting ready for the party and the sky literally started coming down. I got into the car, trying to reach the place (which I kinda knew already at that time would be impossible) but so many streets were flooded already. I tried several different paths, unsuccessfully, until a huge tree fell like 50 meters in front of my car. Thatīs when I realized it wasnīt safe to be on the streets anymore and went back home. My sister called me crying, saying that there was a landslide in the back of the club where the party was supposed to be, and that the party hall was all flooded and all the decoration we had put up got destroyed :( She even asked me if I could hurry there to try to save something, but unfortunately there was no reachable way. The next day, our river was 11 meters above the normal level, half the city was under the water (thank God my place and my familyīs place were safe) and thatīs when the worst part started. Hour after hour, the news would report a landslide and the number of people killed - it was horryfying! Whole houses and mounts coming down, a mountain just outside the city was literally split in half due to a mudslide (something like this pic of yours Connie) , covering a village down there and killing around 50 people. No one had time to evacuate, everything was happening so fast! This went on during 4 days - people were desperate, feeling that they werenīt safe anywhere, some were even fleeding the city. And then it happened in front of my apartament. There was my building, then a street, then a row of houses, then the river. One of the houses was a small textile company, so there were around 15 ppl in there. I was on the balcony when I heard a big noise, canīt describe it, something like when youīre walking on a forest and you step on a branch - but very loud. Then I heard a girl yelling: 'Itīs going down, itīs going down, run, run!' I didnīt understand anything until 5 seconds later I saw the land behind the houses going down - simply disappear, in a matter of seconds - then the back wall, then the trees, then the houses - thatīs when I decided it was time to grab my cat and my dog and run out of the building - and it all stopped in a big cloud of dust. Thank God everyone had time to run out of the houses - 7 of them were destroyed. I had been in an earthquake before, but nothing compares to this. In the earthquake, I simply ran ouf of the house, to an open space, sat on the ground and waited for it to stop. But in a landslide, the floor is literally swept off your feet. You feel helpless in front of mother natureīs power! Til today I have scary nightmares about it. At least I was able to stop the panic attacks I was having after that every time it rained...