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Old Comments:

2009-09-12 02:37:17
Waltzed through the comment section and noticed that your Indian pics and some of my pics had 1 comment on them, but on the inside there was nothing - so it seems that trollmanure had been removed. When a comment is removed, the comment count does not change; another bug for the list of Things Pixdaus Needs to Correct. I have the greatest admiration for the Native Americans. When I lived in the US, I knew quite a few Oglala Sioux people... used to visit South Dakota. Attended 2 pow-wows, one HUGE affair in Denver and then a small one on the prairie in the middle of nowhere - the latter was magic. Read "Sundancing at Rosebud and Pine Ridge" by Thomas E. Mails, published by The Center for Western Studies, Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD. It's an old book (1978) and hard to come by, but you might get lucky and find a copy somewhere; well worth the read. - I have an Oglala ceremonial drum on my wall, made of deer hide and beadwork, decorated by owl and hawk feathers, as a reminder of my Indian friends and their culture.
2009-09-11 23:32:48
If this shit continues, I will really have to move and call some friends from the black water to teach some manners. We live in a very small world.
2009-09-11 23:14:07
Well, it's like this, little Has-No-Dick...those Indians had lives..they experienced the beautiful and wild environment in which they lived to the very fullest...they were loyal to their friends, honorable among themselves, and they possessed great physical courage.... those are all qualities you wouldn't know about or understand, so that's why you don't get it...
2009-09-11 14:15:44
what is it about posting dead stinking indians pics putito? wanna give them back the land that pale faces took from them? or you wanna chase away illegal mexicans? you and poopy think you own the place don't you? i see you kissing each other's S