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Old Comments:

2010-07-11 00:35:22
I knew that, Crystal. I just wanted to show that loch means lake and vice versa... :)
2010-07-11 00:29:15
"Lake" 's jost a way o' sayin' "loch", Lads and Lassies. Either way 'til freeze yer blud !
2010-07-11 00:18:13
You're right, but no-one calls it "Lake Tummel." Lovely photo :)
2010-07-08 00:20:19
Loch means lake actually in Scottish.
2010-07-07 23:53:06
Loch Tummel, not 'Lake' Tummel. There's only one lake in Scotland: Lake of Menteith
2010-07-07 14:56:14
I would like to visit this beutiful place. :-)