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Old Comments:

2011-02-27 02:23:38
I was the first to use 'fed up' but as is the case with unregistered nicks, they can be 'borrowed' by others. Lesson learned: Next time, I will register a nick to write with. :) Obviously, I am a registered user, but as has been proven many times over, opposing the trolls under a well-know nick is a risky business. The trolls never forget.
2011-02-27 01:33:42
why are you using "fed up" as your nick? it was just recently used by a total pain in the ass jerk. it's not that hard to think of something new.
2011-02-26 22:35:11
Happy Jack: There are no comments missing from this page. Holmes made 2 reasonable and polite comments (with compliments about your pics) to you, the trolls ran with it and now you feed the trolls by saying there's a comment missing. If previous deletes are anything to go by, whoever is doing it, cleans the whole page and not a comment or two. - By all means, move on with your life.
2011-02-26 22:25:14
Adama: You are the moon to Connie's sun. Get out of her shadow and perhaps you'll become a good little troll by your own merits. Also you observe nothing and remember nothing, yet throw in your penny's worth to muddy the waters some more. There were several comments about the hacker attack on Poppy's file, so you should remember that it happened in Oct 2010 and had nothing to do with the Jan&Feb 2010 pic disappearances. Not all of us suffer from amnesia around here.
2011-02-26 22:14:01
Connie: Your obsession with Poppy knows no bounds. You should move to Gotham City with all the bats that you breed in your belfry. - Log in as Connie and then click on the nick of Holmes and you will see that the nick is registered. If you are not logged in as a registered user, it does not matter on whose nick you click there always is the so-and-so "is not a registered user" notice in the user's file. You observe nothing, see nothing, know nothing but imagine everything.
2011-02-26 14:12:32
Dear Mr. Duckzinski, I am writing a book of poems about mountains reflected in lakes and would like to use this wonderful picture in the book,please let me know how to get in contact with you and send you the necessary release forms and a royalty check. Or maybe we could have lunch sometime. Thank you so very much,
2011-02-26 13:24:57
one of the comments missing was a response to Holmes better known as Poppy. She didn't like it so she deleted it. What's new! The only thing going on here is that poppy is not only monitoring and deleting comments & pics, but she's posting pics and making comments under name Holmes.
2011-02-26 11:50:38
Very strange comments here and at least one of them has already been removed! If I do a search on Pixdaus and cannot find a photo, I am supposed to assume that it was deleted? And, then I am told NOT to make assumptions. The assumption that I am making now, is that there is something going on here that I am completely unaware of. I have only been involved with Pixdaus for about 11 months, and have little knowledge of anything that has gone on before that time. I will take everything with a grain of salt and simply move on with my life.
2011-02-26 08:51:00
you miss something enough shut up Holmes says January and February 2010, tens of thousands of pics disappeared. Poppy is only one complained about someone get in her file and delete thousands of her pics.
2011-02-26 08:20:44
your comment to jchip is perfect poppy comment. you are pixdaus monitor, so you can delete pics and comments and you can add comments with new dates or amend dates. True you did not say HJ did not have right to post his pic, I said he had the right without whining from you and ding. Your home page says "Holmes is not a registered user". You don't have to wish you were poppy, you are poppy - you are sooo confused.
2011-02-26 06:14:47
To enough shut up: Did I ever say that Happy Jack did not have the right to post this photo? No, I did not. If you can read and understand, you'll see that my comment was all about wrong info versus right info, and not about reposts, that’s your forté. Right after I wrote the comment to Happy Jack, I also wrote a comment to jchip8 about wrong information. Wake, up, troll! Your name is not registered, mine is. I wish Poppy were here, because she could deal with lowly trolls like you far better than I ever could. :)
2011-02-26 04:48:19
HOLMES Searched tineye and it does not show that it was ever posted on pixdaus, search on pixdaus under photographer’s name does not show up. So Happy Jack has the right to post this pic without whining. What else he supposed to do - assume it was already posted? It is correct to say not to guess if you don't know the location but it was already said so know when to shut up. Many give wrong info sometimes - some all the time like jchip...others give no info like coy, sasoli....You say nothing. You seem to know a lot about Pixdaus Holmes, yet your name is new: posted 7 pics, 12 comments, voted 2x and not a registered user. First stab then pat a person reminds me of Poppy Welcome back Poppy, we missed you
2011-02-25 21:28:33
Let's get this straight: The only posters who have NEVER made any errors are the ones that do NOT provide titles, or tags, or author names.
2011-02-25 21:22:02
Well, this one is not new material, it has been on pixdaus several times since 2008. In January and February 2010, tens of thousands of the best pics in pixdaus just vanished, so of course many of Duczynski's met the same fate. In addition to that, there are sure to be many of his pics still here but cannot be found in a search because no photographer name was given. submitted to that site on August 24, 2008 Unlike some, I don't care about a reposts. My point merely was that - like dingbat said - if you don't know, don't guess. No information is better than wrong information. Next, someone takes this pic from here and posts it somewhere else and repeats your mistake, and so on and so on... and soon everyone thinks that this photo was taken in Poland and not in Norway. :) Btw, I like your pics because they are varied in interest and subject, and you provide a lot of info and give credit to the photographers.
2011-02-25 17:02:54
Holmes, upon doing a search on Pixdaus, there have been about 15 previous photos by Maciej Duczynski posted, however none of the ones in the group that I posted yesterday were among them. Duczynski is an active photographer working everyday, coming out with new material while all of the previous photographs posted to Pixdaus are two or more years old and by posters who are no longer even around. As for the location of this photo, I am sure you are right and it does make sense. I grabbed the photo from SmashingPhotos with no information given at all. A blog by Duczynski, on a Russian cite that I found, related that Scandinavia was his favourite area for taking photos, however if locale information was not given, the photo was taken in Poland.
2011-02-25 10:20:24
Holmes said it all in a nice way, why add to it.
2011-02-25 09:41:06
you make the assumption that 'WE'VE' all made assumptions!
2011-02-24 23:50:53
we've all made assumptions about locations and animal names etc when we first started posting... but it's best not to guess if u don't know :)