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Old Comments:

2008-10-02 01:35:42
Thanks, Greg! Shows how isolated I am in my IglooLand because I had never heard of that song, I had to YouTube it. Well, hmm, er... I think I'll stick with Ludwig. ;-)
2008-10-02 00:51:26
Well now Poppy - I guess you're livin' in your own private Idaho! (since you enjoy poetry, I thought you wouldn't mind a B-52's song reference!) :-)
2008-10-01 21:54:38
Thank you for posting your virgin comment on Pixdaus and directing it at me! I am deeply flattered. You cannot correct me on this one, because I beat you to it. ;-)
2008-10-01 21:46:37
WOW! Poppy made an error! Will wonders never cease! She should be scolded, lambasted and corrected forthwith!
2008-10-01 15:54:32
Oops, I got the state wrong: Lake Pend Oreille is in IDAHO.