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Old Comments:

2008-09-02 23:17:22
well, this is a rather tempestuous dialogue over a mediocre picture of a sunset!
2008-09-01 01:42:36
get a life losers
2008-08-30 06:53:24
a good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving a good artist lets his intuition lead him wherever it wants a good scientist has freed himself of concepts and keeps his mind open to what is thus the master is available to all people and doesn't reject anyone he is ready to use all situations and doesn't waste anything this is called embodying the light what is a good man but a bad man's teacher? what is a bad man but a good man's job? if you don't understand this, you will get lost however intelligent you are it is the great secret
2008-08-30 06:46:33
that sounds really interesting, but situation like this is just how a "re-creation of creation" will not happen because individuals do not regognize how to relate to others no matter how close in beleifs they are, personalitys have alot to do with it, and on the other hand how far apart in beleifs we can be. i think it all is vary much based on DNA and IQ, did you know when JFK was president there was 1/2 as many people on earth as there is now... not only am i concerned about social problems but, enviormental and personal freedoms too, history repeats itself, and all we learn from prior mistakes is what they did better to get to the end. and we just think we can do it better. im more into the facts than poetry sorry guy, il just get outa your way
2008-08-30 06:08:26
“Another Sunset / A re-creation of creation / Life begins on Earth” --- Haiku by Charles Garcia
2008-08-30 06:03:19
...lost cause.
2008-08-30 05:57:08
why dont you explain to me what that is so i can prove you wrong?? since you think you are so much better than me haha
2008-08-30 05:51:29
...sigh. Some people will always stay at the mental stage of 5.
2008-08-30 05:39:38
you are proly a conserative christian stuck up slave to society streessed out about your job and your fake life, why dont you realize the truth that you are totally brainwashed you, and you serve no purpose to bettering anybodys life! :-D
2008-08-30 05:36:21
dont judge me! you say im the one but i know whos the fool!! :-D
2008-08-30 05:35:03
i live a vary open minded and positive life, i work hard and appricate almost everything that i beleive to be in good moral status and helpful. i dedicate my life to family friends music and changing the bad things in my life and trying to discuss the importand topics on this planent and in our heads, so id like it if you didnt tell me to grow up, il fuckin sweear all the fuck i want to
2008-08-30 05:34:02
...sigh. Some people will always stay at the mental stage of 5.
2008-08-30 05:30:22
poopy i totally understand why you would say this to me, i did go a little far with my last comment but it pisses me off when people dont know what they are talking about call some one out like you just did... motherFUCKER i really dont care
2008-08-30 04:43:47
DarrenB: Grow up and clean your language!
2008-08-30 04:40:09
the town is called North East asshole. its right by the city of Erie, why dont you worry about something that MATTERS, dont speak until you know the facsts bitch
2008-08-29 03:57:54
lake erie is not near North EAST Pennsylvania... it is North West Pennsylvania