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Old Comments:

2010-10-04 05:42:53
What a beautiful picture, congratulations. TC
2010-10-04 05:41:24
My favorite pictures today, congratulations. T C
2009-07-10 01:11:29
Maybe true, I didn't like the title either. But I can't trim the pic!
2009-07-10 01:09:50
Thanks, this helps. Actually, I don't give my own title to most of the images I post. I give the title what the original artist gave. I also mention source and artist's page, I know he/she is to be given courtesy for his/her work.
2009-07-03 08:20:54
This is probably an ad...don't think the word is 'ketchup'...that middle letter isn't any recognizable English letter..might be a d and a p stuck together, but 'Kedpup' ??? My guess is it's an ad for something , maybe a product that is supposed to be soft..bathroom tissue or some kind of cosmetic ?
2009-07-03 03:39:52
I have going on to think about your comment : maybe the "stamp" 'ketchup' ? ... 1 - Because something is written on the pic 2 - And so "red" for this so "white" little cat ? ;-)
2009-07-03 02:16:02
For me, it is not a repost. No from many months I am looking Pixdaus every day. Maybe your title ? ( But I don't see why : this little cat is "lovable", can be loved ... ) But, like Connie would say : there are some "weirdos" on the site. They vote down everything, pictures, comments, just for the pleasure "to put down", "to break down". Maybe Connie would use also "trolls" ? ;-) And, because they are perhaps in vacation, it seems we have a "concentration" of them these last days ... ( Connie learnt me these two English words, and it is the first time I dare use them ! I hope my teacher will be satisfied with her pupil !)
2009-07-03 01:50:43
-8 ???? What's going on folks? What can be wrong with such a cute photo? Or is it a repeat? Or title's bad (does it matter)? Or admin doesn't like it?
2009-06-30 01:45:54
Source: Artist: