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Old Comments:

2010-04-28 10:27:10
Huh ?
2010-04-28 05:42:18
I must confess you something. Now. I think, the moment is broken on. No other people know it. In fact no-one else or better said nobody else, know it. There is something I like very much. I ‘ve perceived or better discovered - that it was still for a quit long time present in my life. It’s perhaps not all or better said, not the most important thing in life I like very much, but still it’s a thing I like very much … I like, well I like the “ensemble” of two colors. Two colors, yes. A certain red & a certain green. Together as the, in a certain way, the most principal colors, you see ? No, I’m afraid not. And sometimes with a bit of black in it, (you know, that black …) but then in the meaning of night. Darkblue can sometimes also been beautiful for nights and so on, but here it must been black, as the night – although dark blue can …. as I’ve already said. What makes it more remarkable is the fact that I don’t like green at all ! But that’s not so important here. But a certain red-green together … For a better – I will not use the word “comprehension” (because it doesn’t exist), but for a better immersion of that unique_ _ _ _ _ , in German they have a beautiful but intranslable word, but because it has nothing to do with this here, I’ll not use it here … So I’ve decided to upload, in the following period that lies before us, a serie of portrets. These slice of life pictures can give a broader view and admiration of … life. But lets start & and hope that the following series of portrets will give you the same mental sensation as I have felt for it ….
2010-04-28 05:21:17
Know your classics? Back to the third grade for you, dude, because that photo is supposed to be Harpo and Groucho Marx, not the Stooges..that's a mistake on the order of confusing Cantinflas with Charlie Chaplin...maybe you should stick to subjects you actually know something about..
2010-04-28 05:05:50
I’ve always known that there was something bizarre with The Three Stooges.