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Old Comments:

2010-11-22 06:49:14
That is what I said at the above comment... it's Nikolay Ushakov. The two links you provided show the same photo that I and j2525 uploaded...same photo that Happy Jack posted but without the black frame, which shows the photographer's name. AmO blog did remove the frame and did not indicate the photographer. Looking at her site, it seems she finds most of her photos on Pixdaus...a compliment to Pixdaus ;-)
2010-11-21 20:46:24
The best foto of volcano.. the author is NIKOLAY USHAKOV here bigger pix here others pixs about volcano (always by n. ushakov)
2010-11-21 12:01:22
Sure is, Connie.
2010-11-21 06:10:37
It's still one of the most beautiful volcano photo I've seen.
2010-11-20 17:45:09
I realise now that the page I found was the AmO page mentioned by HappyJack. AmO is a new site to me, it appears to be a very good one. Large pics of interesting subjects - have a look at the "Manufactured Totems", amazing pictures.
2010-11-20 16:28:24
This photo was taken from an AmO blog by an author calling him/herself Oksana, dated 10 April 2009, and titled Volcanic Eruption Photography. Oksana featured several photos entitled Kluchevkoy Volcano. I have further determined that this volcano is in Kamchatka in the far east of Russia and there are several alternative spellings including those cited by Connie. Oksana did not specifically say that the photographer was Alexander Belousov, however I did infer this. Other photos of the Kluchevkoy Volcano were specifically credited to Belousov.
2010-11-20 15:36:16
But Alexander Belousov is not the photographer.
2010-11-20 10:20:29
I googled Alexander Belousov and got a whole page of marvellous volcanic images, including the one above, by various photographers. Great stuff!
2010-11-19 17:16:58
I posted this photo (with a border) as "Alaskan Volcano" and the photographer is Nikolay V. Ushakov. Then j2525 posted it (also with a border) as "Kamchatka Volcano", noting the same photographer. His name is shown on the bar of the photos; so the photographer is not Alexander Belousov. I think I had the wrong continent though ;-) There is no Kluchevkoy. Per Wikipedia and other sources, there is a Klyuchevskaya Sopka (aka Kliuchevskoi) Volcano in Kamchatka, Russia. The photo looks better without a border.
2010-11-19 16:27:49
What a stunning image!