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Old Comments:

2008-08-04 23:02:22
2008-08-04 22:51:46
Are you first names Hans Christian by any chance? You do what you do SO WELL, Patito! I'm green with envy. First, I thought it was mildew but no, it's envy all right. ;-)
2008-08-04 21:07:33
Thanks for the correct information patito.
2008-08-04 20:46:19
Sorry Willya, but I'm afraid that information is erroneous. This is, in fact, a Himalayan Snow Lobster, a rare and elusive species not typically found below 12,000 feet elevation. Sadly, the very existence of these shy but beautiful creatures is now threatened. As our climate warms, they are being forced to retreat higher up into the mountains, since they can only reproduce succesfully in environments that are covered with snow all year round. Attempts to breed Snow Lobsters in captivity have thus far met with little success.
2008-08-04 18:53:31
Divers found the animal in waters 7,540 feet deep at a site 900 miles south of Easter Island