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Old Comments:

2011-07-01 06:17:00
Adorable! :)
2011-07-01 00:48:30
You are very welcome, tonikane. She looks like a sweetie too... :)
2011-06-30 20:11:11
thx PictureGirl she is such a little sweetie.
2011-06-30 13:24:54
I love those beautiful green eyes and his little nose... :)
2011-06-30 13:15:28
awwe thx hun. ;-)
2011-06-30 11:35:01
I love your Kitty!
2011-06-30 10:09:12
i am sure you all get great pleasure by negative rating my good photo. No wonder i like animals better. She is beautiful and its a beautiful picture no matter what anyone says. But if you enjoy negative rating my pictures go for it. I expect it anyways. haha..