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2009-04-29 10:47:57
This photo has been published on an international scale and has been very succesful. It's been featured in the UK Independent newspaper as one of the best photos of the year (2007) and won several awards. The story behind the picture, told by the photographer: “It was August 2006 and I was living in Southsea, Portsmouth. Every year a kite festival comes to town and is displayed on Southsea's grassy common. This year in particular, I went down with my wide angle lens hoping to catch myself a winner. It started out a nice sunny day, but then started to cloud over with a storm coming in from the East. I was watching a demonstration on one side of the common, when I turned round and saw the most dramatic sight. The funny shaped kites had dropped down low to the ground just metres away from me. All of a sudden above me the clouds broke and lit up the common and the kites creating gorgeous shadows on the grass. I remember almost shaking trying to take a photograph. I managed to get about 20 frames with this one being the best. I believe every photographer will get a once in a lifetime photograph like this. Mine just happened to come along early in my career.” Well, that was it, bye …