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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2008-07-22 22:12:26
Your point Flapper? First of all in many places in t he world kissing between males is a standard greeting. Secondly homosexual behavior occurs in virtually every species in existence. So why would you even conjure up this comment? Just take the picture for what it is, a couple of fluffy animals nuzzling. Its cute. Not dirty.
2008-07-22 12:53:12
sweet kiss!
2008-06-28 13:36:24
Sweet!!! True Love!
2008-06-15 14:09:43
The Lion Queen?
2008-06-14 23:37:35
I would like to nominate this for one of the stupidest comment's I've gotten here. I'm sorry I answered it seriously the first time... I should have said I was making a statement for gay lions everywhere!! hahaha
2008-06-08 23:03:53
no I didn't I wasen't even thinking about it. the photographer called it "Lions kiss" and I decided to change it to "kiss" the photographer is jack luke.
2008-06-08 22:55:53
Two knew that, right?