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Old Comments:

2009-08-11 02:32:46
I just don't know what got into me, Ms P...must have been that vodka omelette my wife fixed me this morning...please tell Rolf I apologize, and to stay home...I really like the guy, and although I figure I could probably handle him, the agents assigned to me since I went on the Federal Witness Protection Program might shoot him if he got too close...then you'd really be pissed at me...and yes, please tell Tammy the Sami that I meant everything I said to her, whatever it was, and that I'll be back for the rodeo next year, maybe sooner if my sutures knit properly...
2009-08-11 01:58:40
I am really disappointed at you, Patito. Didn't we agree that we'd NEVER disclose any details of our private lives? I have kept that bargain at my end, but now you tell the whole world about my life. WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU? I have a good mind to tell your wife some of the things that you told me when you'd had a few too many and suffered from the loose lip syndrome when we last met, at the reindeer rodeo. Rolf is madder than a hornet and is threatening to fly over to Texas and... Jeez, I don’t want a murderer in the family, so just cool it, friend, and zip your lips. Thanks. I'm off to Lapland again next week… do you have a message to the sweet young Sami girl that you sweet-talked into giving you reindeer lassoing lessons?
2009-08-10 22:46:57
Hey, WR, little buddy...I'm just tryin' to save you some trouble..Ms P already has a boyfriend, see..I met the guy last year at a reindeer rodeo up in Lapland..he's a retired special forces Major,stands about six foot five, weighs about two fifty or so, and eats squirrly little pud pounders like you for breakfast... he's kinda jealous, too, and if you could see Ms P you'd understand why..she's a drop-dead gorgeous long-legged Nordic beauty, a former Icelandic Air stewardess, and a world-class champion cross country skier...she's not only way out of your league, but if ol' Rolf were to find out you've been messin' with his woman and pesterin' her with your sappy-ass so-called poetry, he's liable to stomp a mud-hole in your sorry little, sonny boy, if you've got the sense God gave a piss-ant, which I admit is kinda doubtful, you'll saddle up and ride on outa here while you're still able to...consider this fair warnin'....
2009-08-10 17:55:40
Your poetry is much appreciated, Patito, thanks! (Oops, someone did not like it.)
2009-08-10 17:51:39
Thanks, Fuzzy, the odd one slips through... ;-)
2009-08-10 16:08:44
Note You do not interfere (Forbidden intruder) O) \\\\\\\\\\\\\ DO YOU UNDERSTAND /////////////
2009-08-10 03:19:48
Ms P, although it may be true, that there's a troll harassin' you, please do not let it make you blue, to read his verse. Trolls may come and trolls may go, and this one's pretty weird, although, as you and I and others know, we've all seen worse. And so although his poems are awful, bad poetry isn't yet unlawful, and though you may have had a craw full, do not dismay. As I have previously alluded, although this guy is quite deluded, and for the looney bin well suited, he'll soon go 'way.
2009-08-10 01:54:42
Another beautiful Pic Poppy, another one SAVED!
2009-08-09 18:31:09
my” love” is non stop like ‘’sea”. its ”trust” like ”blind”. its’’shine” like ‘’star”. its”warm” like ‘’sun”. its” soft” like ”flower”. AND its ” beautiful” like ”u" POPPY
2009-08-09 18:08:24
Happy Sunday, 9 August 09, everyone! The burying of my pics has already started, but at least people can see them in the comment section.