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Old Comments:

2009-05-29 04:27:24
Whistlestop ( aka Cohise ? )..Before you render any more opinions that indicate to the world that you have no idea what you're talking about, why not enter 'Julie Blackmon' in your search engine and find her web site, where you will see this and other photographs by her. She's quite well known and this is a good example of her rather distinctive and quirky style.
2009-05-29 03:53:32
Sorry, wrong, fuzzy blue one; but you are not an expert to give such an opinion. It would be impossible for any lens to create perspective distortions as in this painting.
2009-05-29 01:09:25
This is not a painting - it is a photograph and the perspective is skewed by the lens and the distance from which it was photographed -just my opinion
2009-05-29 00:55:21
All the children are fine. The chair on the left - look at the cupboard color between the uprights in relation to the true color of the cupboard. The perspectives of the ceiling down to the cupboard are acceptable, but the table top length in relation to the cupboard is too long; it looks to be about 15 feet long. The perspective angle of the left front chair is scewed and way, way off. Check it in relation to the perspective of the front right chair, which is correct. The floor perspective is too acute in relation to the center and top perspectives; physically impossible! The light reflections from the windows in the floor are all wrong. But as I said, nice idea. If the artist had studied draftsmanship and perspective the painting would be fine.
2009-05-28 22:56:44
which are...
2009-05-28 22:50:34
Nice idea for a painting, although the artist has made quite a few technical gaffs.