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Old Comments:

2010-04-21 00:17:07
You are almost right, Connie. He lives in London, born to a Greek father and a Greek-Cypriot mother.
2010-04-20 15:07:21
For no reason, I think he might be Turkish...perhaps even Greek.
2010-04-20 13:56:54
Aw he's absolutely gorgeous. Hope my kids are this cute if I ever have any. Looks arabic and the beads....? I'd love to muss his hair up : )
2010-04-19 19:24:42
thank you, gfmeredith
2010-04-19 07:02:03
Great photo of a beautiful boy! Connie was right he will be a heartbreaker alright.
2010-04-17 18:25:13
Libellule and Connie, thanks a lot.
2010-04-17 16:43:50
He is very cute, with a bit of the mischief in him. He'll someday break a few female hearts ;-).
2010-04-17 16:38:42
Beautiful little boy ! What "warmth" in his eyes, in his lips ! What a beautiful young man he will be !